Maybe it’s not in the perfection of life that things make sense, but in the chaos.

Oberion is a king of the fairies in medieval and Renaissance literature.

Human history. Things which remain consistent: sex, death and war.

Waiting for that feeling.

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A TED-Ed Animation Explaining the History of Melancholy and the Genetic Advantages of Sadness

This Man With Severe Cerebral Palsy Created Mind-Blowing Art Using Just A Typewriter

Last year, 22-time Emmy award-winning reporter John Stofflet posted this news video he created for KING-TV in 2004, featuring Paul Smith and his artistic talents.

See the full video to see more of Smith’s artworks and to learn more about his inspiring story go here. 

One can only see what one observes, and one observes only things which are already in the mind. —Thomas Harris, Red Dragon
So early in my life, I had learned that if you want something, you had better make some noise. —Malcolm X, The Autobiography Of Malcolm X (via quotes-shape-us)


I believe each of us will have to face Kairos.
The time when God acts and creates for us the perfect time.
In this time, we are meant to defeat Chronos and seize the perfect moment that Kairos is.

God judged it better to bring good out of evil than to suffer no evil to exist. —Augustine of Hippo
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